At the occasion of the International Day of Peace on September 21st the European Chapter of Mayors for Peace and INEW have organised a joint webinar on the role of local governments in better protecting inhabitants of towns and cities from the harm and destruction caused by the use of explosive weapons, an important theme in our endeavours to create safe, resilient, sustainable, and more peaceful communities.

The use of explosive weapons in towns, cities, and other populated areas is a leading cause of harm to civilians in armed conflicts today. Each year, tens of thousands of civilians are killed and injured by explosive weapons. People suffer complex and life changing injuries and long-term psychological distress from the trauma of living under constant bombing. Explosive weapons destroy critical civilian infrastructure such as housing, hospitals, schools, and power and water systems, preventing the provision of essential services to the civilian population, forcing civilians to flee or leave their homes towards an uncertain fate.

The event will allow local governments to better understand the consequences of the use of explosive weapons and learn, from the experience of their peers, what to do to avoid conflict at the local and global level.