The 12th Mayors for Peace Executive Conference was held online on 7 July and 18 Executive Cities attended. The Executive Conference adopted the new Vision, subsequent to the 2020 Vision, and the Action Plan.

The new Vision and Action Plan were originally planned to be adopted at the General Conference in August 2020, however, the General Conference was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the end of the 2020 Vision at the end of the year 2020, and the growing momentum for the abolition of nuclear weapons with the entry into force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in January 2021 in mind, the new Vision and Action Plan were instead adopted at the 12th Executive Conference held online.

City (From oldest to newest) Representative
President Hiroshima (Japan) Mr. Kazumi Matsui (Mayor)
Vice Presidents Nagasaki (Japan) Mr. Tomihisa Taue (Mayor)
Hannover (Germany) Mr. Thomas Hermann (Deputy Mayor)
Volgograd(Russia) Mr. Andrey Liakh (Deputy Mayor)
Malakoff (France) Ms. Jacqueline Belhomme (Mayor)
Manchester (UK) Mr. Thomas Judge (Lord Mayor)
Ypres (Belgium) Ms. Emmily Talpe (Mayor)
Biograd na Moru (Croatia) Mr. Ivan Knez (Mayor)
Granollers (Spain) Mr. Josep Mayoral (Mayor)
Halabja (Iraq) Ms. Kwestan Akram (Mayor)
Mexico City (Mexico) Ms. Mariana Flores Mayén (Executive Director)
Executive Bangkok (Thailand) Ms. Pannarai Chingchitr (Director)
Fremantle (Australia) Ms. Elizabeth PO’
(Mayors for Peace Activation Team Convener)
Montreal (Canada) Ms. Lucie Lavoie (City official)
Santos (Brazil) Ms. Paula Quagliato (City official)
Tehran (Iran) Ms. Sahar Tafreshiha (City official)
Grigny (France) Mr. Philippe Rio (Mayor)
Cervia (Italy) Ms. Bruna Rondoni (City official)

< Others >
Executive Advisors of Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
Ms. Jacqueline Cabasso
Ms. Tomoko Aikawa
Mr. Randy Rydell
Mr. Thomas Hajnoczi

The European Chapter was given the opportunity to present its aims, activities and next steps to all attendees during the Executive Conference. The Chapter is aligned with the president city of Hiroshima and the International Secretariat, which shall ultimately be responsible for supervising and approving all the activities promoted in the region. Likewise, the chapter cities engage in good faith efforts to cooperate with the mission and vision of the organisation.