On this mournful occasion, local governments from the Mayors for Peace network and beyond kept in mind their sister cities from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Mayors for Peace leadership from these two cities issued two statements to address the role of its local memory in the current times and call for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

6th August: Hiroshima Peace Declaration

« Around the world, the notion that peace depends on nuclear deterrence gains momentum. These errors betray humanity’s determination, born of our experiences of war, to achieve a peaceful world free from nuclear weapons. To accept the status quo and abandon the ideal of peace maintained without military force is to threaten the very survival of the human race. We must stop repeating these mistakes »

Mayor Matsui, Hiroshima Peace Ceremony

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9th August: Nagasaki Peace Declaration

« With the idea of protecting their country with nuclear weapons, more governments depend on nuclear weapons. The world is becoming increasingly dangerous. It is an illusion and expectation that even if you have nuclear weapons, they will not be used.As long as they exist, they are used. We must now recognize that eliminating nuclear weapons is the only realistic path to protecting the future of the earth and mankind »

Mayor Taue, Nagasaki Peace Ceremony

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