We invite local authorities and peace organizations to join our communication initiative #PeaceStartsHere running from the 21st of September (International Day for Peace) to the 26th of September (International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons).

The campaign aims to highlight the role of municipalities and local initiative and local action in achieving peace and advancing nuclear disarmament from the bottom-up. Consistent with this vision, the key message of the campaign will be “Peace in the world starts here: In cities and towns”

Through this initiative, we will revamp the peace narrative based on local action building a “Culture of Peace” that Mayors for Peace members promote through different approaches.


  • On September 21, share your message about peace and a photo or a selfie on social media using a municipal or personal profile (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook). Continue to participate in the campaign until September 26th, sharing more reltated contents until this day.
  • Your message should highlight your local perspective to peace and/or how do you contribute to achieve peace through your local initiatives. You can address issues such as: the culture of peace; the promotion of human rights, historical memory and conviviality; nuclear disarmament; solidarity and cooperation; the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine and the current European regional security landscape; other relevant topics on your agenda.
  • Combine you message with a photo / selfie of your city / town  pointing with your hand to the ground, to a street or a neighborhood, so that the visual message is clearly understood: “peace in the world starts here” (in your town or municipality).
  • In order to be more relevant, make sure you include the following hashtags #PeaceStartsHere and #Cities4Peace. You can combine these hashtags with others of your choice.
  • In order to be more relevant, tag to your images our social media profiles and those of your partners: @Mayors4Peace and @MfPEuropean.

This initiative is promoted by the Catalan Mayors for Peace Chapter, the City of Gavà and the International Relations Department of the Barcelona Provincial Council. Reach jpuigpinos (at) externs.granollers.cat for any question or suggestion.