Members of the Mayors for Peace European Chapter attended a meeting with Ukrainian local government representatives organized by the Council of Europea and several Ukrainian partners last 31 March.

This was a good opportunity to better understand the specific needs of Ukrainian mayors and city councillors, who reflected on the humanitarian impact of the war and potential ways forward to achieve peace and security.

Ukrainian mayors recognized the role of city-to-city cooperation in channeling humanitarian aid, key to addressing the most immediate needs of war victims. Twining agreements have been essential and contributed to coordinate refugee inclusion across European countries.

The levels of destruction of key facilities and equipment is unprecedented and affects common people the most. Therefore, recovering and rebuilding will be key after the war.

For Ukrainian mayors, lobbying at a Parliament and national government level is a key show of support which European mayors can endeavor. Their current priorities are also very much related to the conflict and military operations.

They stressed how united they felt with European cities and society, with whom they share democratic and human rights-based values. They look forward to establishing long term partnerships with European cities to consolidate this vision.

Representatives of the European Chapter attending the meeting forwarded a message of appreciation and solidarity on behalf of all European members and the Mayors for Peace World Organization based in Hiroshima.