Mayors for Peace are heavily involved in promoting peace education through the work they do, but also in encouraging definitive programmes in schools, colleges, universities, faith groups and other institutions.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki believe it is essential that, as the generation of A-bomb survivors (often known as hibakusha) reduces due to their age, that their essential message is not lost. Both cities have created a programme of A-bomb Legacy Successor who are younger people that have directly spoken with the hibakusha and are committed to giving their message to a wide range of audiences. Such Successors have talked to schoolchildren and adult audiences across Japan, and this programme has now been brought to Europe. In 2019 for example, A-bomb Legacy Successors from Hiroshima spoke with schoolchildren, Mayors, councillors and other audiences on a tour of member cities Manchester, Oldham and Coventry. They have also spoken in Germany, France, Belgium and Spain.

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The Mayors for Peace Secretariat in Hiroshima has also instituted Children’s Art Competition “Peaceful Towns” to encourage schoolchildren to think of what peace means to them. Thousands of children have taken part in this competititon.

The global Hiroshima ‘Atomic Bomb Survivor Tree Program’ has also allowed many member cities to develop peace education programmes with schools and universities. Examples of this can be found in projects section.

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To know more details about this project visit Mayors for Peace Secretariat website.

To know more details about the project and request seeds visit Mayors for Peace Secretariat website.